Collection: Control Girdles and Daily Use

Our girdles are made with two types of fabric, the outer part is made in Comfort-Fit of the highest quality, which allows the garment to stretch in all directions, and provides greater comfort, in addition to exerting enough pressure to mold your figure The inside and tail are lined with Lycra nylon, a soft-touch fabric that harmonizes with your figure. Its seams are strategically designed to put pressure on the key drainage points and remain discreet so they are not noticeable under your clothes. .

These girdles are designed to exert constant and uniform pressure on the area to keep the skin tight and firm, in a way that helps reduce tissue inflammation, reduce pain and discomfort, as well as help prevent sagging and correct posture.

These achieve these positive effects in recovery as they help improve circulation, reduce the appearance of bruising and inflammation, reduce the risk of complications and irregularities in the skin after surgery due to their materials and design.


Increase comfort: Our girdles, by applying pressure to the intervened area, reduce the movement of damaged tissues and thus reduce the sensation of discomfort and pain.

Improve circulation: Our garments exert constant pressure that helps reduce inflammation.

They reduce the risk of irregularities in the skin: Due to the fact that the girdle exerts a constant and uniform pressure on the intervened area, the skin remains more attached to the muscles. This improves healing and prevents the appearance of irregularities in the skin.